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Guiding businesses on their quest to make gluten-free options available to their customers, while keeping costs at a minimum, and creativity and taste forefront.

These simple steps educate businesses on the value behind offering gluten-free options. Anyone can label dishes/products gluten free, but that doesn’t mean it’s prepared safely. Going through this process leads to a conversation about each business and its needs, so I can customize a plan that can be implemented painlessly.

Consulting services include:
Menu Review
Recipe Modifications
Replacement Products
Safe Handling Procedures

People who eat gluten free enjoy eating out as much as the next person, but they need to feel a sense of confidence that the business understands the steps involved in providing a safe meal. Completing this process puts your business in the position to meet and exceed customer’s expectations and can turn them into loyal customers who will spread the word about your efforts and who will bring in their friends.

Atlanta Area Gluten-Free Restaurants and Bakeries

To help you navigate the gluten-free dining experience in Atlanta, I offer up-to-date lists of restaurants and bakeries with gluten-free offerings that are prepared safely.

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GLUTEN-FREE BAKERIES – updated 02/18
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