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The service packages below are designed to guide businesses to their goal of successfully and safely serving their gluten-free customers.

All of the packages include one hour of complimentary consulting.


Discussion of gluten and where it likes to hide in ingredients/dishes. I will also outline what the gluten-free consumer expects the term ‘gluten free’ to mean and what types of items they would like to see on your menu.

Kitchen Walkthrough
Will be performed to identify and address cross-contamination concerns. It is important to see how products are prepared, so I can customize a plan that will work with your layout and staffing.

Replacement Product Recommendation
Will be made based on individual business needs. Product life, preparation, and storage methods to achieve the best results will be discussed.

Distributor Assistance
Will be provided based on replacement product needs.

Safe Handling Concerns
Will be addressed, but the customer is ultimately responsible for training their staff.

Includes all of the above plus the following services:

Menu and Ingredient Review
Depending on the project, reviewing ingredients and menu items to determine what is/isn’t gluten free isn’t always necessary. Some customers don’t want to create a gluten-free menu, rather they want to add one or two specific items independent of their current menu.

Gluten-free Menu Production
I always recommend creating a separate gluten-free menu for two reasons: it speeds up ordering and it instills a sense of confidence in your customers that these ‘set’ dishes are always prepared safely and aren’t being modified on the fly without thorough ingredient research.

POS System Modification
Based on the type of business, I may recommend adding a system modification to identify gluten-free orders. For example, adding a gluten-free selection to the main screen can make it easier for staff to see when safe handling procedures are needed.

Website Content
I will work with the business to draft, or edit website content regarding new gluten-free menu options. I may suggest updating the Q&A section of said website to address safe handling procedures the company has implemented.


For businesses whose needs fall outside of Package #1 or Package #2, consulting services can be provided for an hourly rate.

Services for businesses outside of Georgia

Consulting services can be provided remotely via phone and Skype; however, if you want me to travel to you, then all associated costs need to be covered by the business.

Media Services

Do you need help spreading the word about your new gluten-free options?

Social Media
Tweets and Facebook posts will be designed and targeted to local gluten-free groups to announce the launch of your gluten-free options.

Article Creation
an article will be written by me announcing your gluten-free offerings. This article will be placed on my blog and distributed to my local contacts. My blog receives roughly 6,000-8,000 new hits per month.

Tasting Event
An event will be put together for local bloggers and support group heads to achieve reviews of your gluten-free products/services.