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“Hello Jennifer, just wanted to take a moment to thank you on your excellent presentation of all that is gluten-free. You have a thorough, common sense based approach on your recommendations on how to implement a GF program in our bagel shop. Knowledge is thorough, vendor recommendations worked out perfectly. My team and I all felt it was more than worth it to hire you and have you educate us on the gluten free world!
– John Lamb, Bagel Boys Café

“My interest in safe gluten free dining originated in my involvement in the autism community. Many parents were experimenting with restricting gluten in their children’s diet to control behavioral issues. I realized that there was probably a significant audience of people that struggle with gluten intolerance and didn’t have any restaurant options.

Jennifer helped me train and organize my staff to allow people to have a safe, gluten free dining experience.

My passion is families dining together, and with Jennifer’s help, I’ve been able to create inclusive dining experiences without compromising quality at my restaurants featuring many items a gluten intolerant diner hasn’t had for years, meat loaf, fried chicken, corn bread, just to name a few.

Jennifer’s been an incredible asset to my business and for that I am very grateful.”
– Shaun Doty, Bantam + Biddy

“Jennifer Harris was a tremendous asset for Bantam and Biddy as we wrote the gluten free portion of our menus. She provided us with adept and alternative options to wheat flour. She taught me to better understand celiac’s disease, and how to prepare food in a manner that is safe for people who have this disorder.

She also assisted us with an extensive product referral. We were able to try several products before we made any final menu decisions. And as a result of this, I am very proud of the gluten free program at Bantam and Biddy.”
– Lance Gummere, Bantam + Biddy/Chick-a-Biddy

“When Farm Burger first opened up we needed to figure out the proper way to meet the needs of our gluten free guests. Jennifer clearly and effectively conveyed to our Chef and Management all the varying needs of the GF community from dietary to severe allergies. She evaluated our kitchen space and made suggestions to avoid gluten contamination, as well she made suggestion for easy gluten free ingredient changes and proper storage and preparation of our gluten free buns. To this day her training and information have been an integral part of how we train our own staff.”
– George Frangos, Farm Burger

“In 2009 I wanted to start my company Frannie’s Gluten Free, but needed direction as to what was available on the market and to understand the food allergy community. I was very excited to meet someone with experience and who was recognized for their commitment to the Atlanta community. We met for a consultation when I was in the process of branding. I appreciated your advise to package as a multi-pack, to choose colors true to the organic fruits and vegetables baked in our muffins, and your kind words of encouragement.”
Frances Shaw, Frannie’s Gluten Free

“Jennifer’s strong knowledge of the gluten free consumer and then current industry practices provided the clarity and data we needed to move forward and certify gluten free, specifically with GFCO. As our business grew and product lines expanded, Jennifer was a good resource in helping us identify safe and top quality raw ingredient suppliers to further serve the marketplace. As our wholesale business continued to grow and our products began to gain brand recognition, Jennifer recommended a move into the retail market at an opportune time.”
Michelle Kelly, Pure Knead

“I just wanted you to know I really enjoyed working with you. We learned a lot from you and implemented many of your suggestions. We are selling a lot of gluten free pizzas and now know we are doing it safely and won’t get anybody sick.”
– Al Thompson, Riverside Pizza