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gfgtg_girlOver the years, I have been fortunate to work with some incredible local Atlanta businesses dedicated to providing safe and tasty gluten-free options to their patrons. The Gluten Free Go-To Guide client list reflects how my consulting services have impacted the Atlanta area gluten-free dining scene.

Bagel Boys Café
This restaurant chain was looking to add gluten-free bagels to their menu. They needed replacement product recommendations for a brand of gluten-free bagels and they needed help establishing safe handling procedures. I conducted a kitchen walkthrough and offered a plan to address cross contamination. I also met with the four owners to discuss the gluten-free diet and what the typical gluten-free consumers is looking for on a menu.

Bantam + Biddy
This restaurant is managed by one of the owner of YEAH! Burger, so they were already familiar with sourcing gluten-free ingredients. I was hired to help identify potential menu items that could easily be converted to gluten free. I also advised them on adding gluten-free beers to their menu complete with local distribution contacts. I convinced them to make gluten-free meatloaf using potato flakes as a substitute for bread crumbs because no one offers a gluten-free version. This menu item turned out fantastic and it is highly coveted by the gluten-free community.

Erbert & Gerbert’s (local franchise)
Although this franchise is no longer open, I worked with them on menu and ingredient review. This chain was looking to add a gluten-free hoagie roll to their offerings, so I was asked to sample it and provided feedback. I also reviewed their safe handling procedures prior to their gluten-free launch.

Farm Burger
This restaurant needed advice when adding a gluten-free bun to their menu. I conducted a menu and ingredient review and I discovered a number of other menu options that were gluten free. The chef was open to switching to a gluten-free brand of soy sauce and converting a couple of recipes to gluten-free versions of dishes. I reviewed their safe handling procedures and I advised them on the proper preparation and storage for the gluten-free bun.

Fox’s Pizza Den
This restaurant was adding a gluten-free crust to their offerings and wanted advice on how to roll out the information from a marketing perspective. I helped them draft content for their website and I worked with management to suggest other uses for the crust using current ingredients, such as a dessert pizza.

Frannie’s Gluten Free
I met with Frances, the owner, when they were in the process of branding and packaging their line of gluten-free muffins. I advised them on packaging sizes based on pricing estimations (Standard Retail Price) and color choices. I also sampled all of their products and provided feedback on taste/texture.

Georgia Crafted
This business, owned and operated by Erin Zwigart, recently added gift boxes to their offerings and needed guidance to create their gluten-free gift offering. Since the company only works with products made in Georgia, I connected Erin with some great gluten-free vendors who make shelf-stable snacks, mixes, jams/jellies, popcorn, and wraps. The new gluten-free gift box launched in November, 2014.

Pure Knead
I worked with them before their business plan was completed. I advised them to obtain their Gluten Free Certification Organization certification from the Gluten Intolerance Group, which made them the first dedicated gluten-free bakery in Atlanta to receive this certification. I helped them with product sourcing in bulk and encouraged them to start a retail product line in addition to their wholesale offerings. Their wholesale line can be found in many local restaurants and their retail line is available in select Kroger stores and other local stores.

Riverside Pizza
This pizza company was in the process of introducing a gluten-free crust and it was looking for advice on how to identify/prevent cross contamination. I performed a kitchen walkthrough and I advised them on ways to avoid cross contact issues. I also recommended the establishment of website content regarding their gluten-free pizzas, which included gluten-free topping information (sourced from the manufacturer after I made the recommendation), ingredients in the crust, and preparation methods.

Sprig Restaurant
I was hired to help them incorporate gluten-free bread products into their production process. I advised them on proper preparation and storage and I recommended ways to add the products to current menu items. I also assisted them by performing a menu and ingredient review, which lead to the creation of their gluten-free menu.

Sugo Restaurant
This restaurant needed help identifying gluten-free pasta that met their strict Italian standards. They dropped the version of gluten-free pasta they were offering because it was difficult to work with and it just wasn’t what they wanted. I gave them several pasta recommendations (all of which were made in and imported from Italy). In one day they sampled and added gluten-free pasta back to the menu.

YEAH! Burger
I worked with this restaurant when they were just about to open. They needed help establishing safe handling procedures to prepare a gluten-free bun and preventing cross contact during preparation. I showed them how to incorporate a gluten-free toaster oven and how to properly heat and store the bun. I also conducted an ingredient review and I was able to get them to remove malt powder (used in shakes) from their menu. This client was special to me because they have a dedicated gluten-free fryer for French fries. I obtained a gluten-free flour sample for them and encouraged them to make gluten-free onion rings because no other restaurant in the state offers such a product. To this day, their gluten-free onion rings bring in people far and wide and it is one of their most popular gluten-free menu items.