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I love grocery shopping and discovering new products and Sprouts Farmers Market is one of my favorite places to frequent. Whenever I visit my mom in Mesa, a trip to Sprouts is always in order to see what’s new and to shop for essentials while I am in town. Having Sprouts open in Georgia has been such an unexpected treat. So, being invited to attend a smoothie demo at the new Sprouts in West Cobb by the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society was definitely a yes, even on a school night! Especially when the lovely and talented Marisa Moore, registered dietitian, is teaching.

The room was packed with attendees anxious to learn more about creating smoothies. Marisa showed us how to make three healthful smoothies and how to add nutritious boosts using fresh ginger, turmeric, chia seed, matcha, hemp and beet powders, and brain boosters like frozen berries. I really appreciated that she used almond milk and not dairy milk for the smoothies, pointing out that these milks aren’t as high in protein as one might think.

I agree with Marisa that smoothies are a great way to get vegetables into breakfast and they are quite easy to make. Load the light ingredients into the bottom of the blender first and top with heavy ingredients, like ice or frozen bananas, to ensure everything mixes evenly. Make themed smoothies for breakfast like carrot cake, that incorporate your favorite flavors.

Watch out for added sugar when selecting protein powders. Instead, opt to sweeten smoothies with honey, dates, and date sugar, which are low on the glycemic index and won’t spike your blood sugar leaving you craving more instead of feeling full.

In the end, you get the nutritional value that you put into a smoothie, so stick with whole foods and utilize Sprout’s store brand hemp seed, beet and protein powders, fresh produce and fruit.


Thank you Marisa for such an informative demo and for the smoothie recipes. I can’t wait to get blending!

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review; however I did receive a store gift card. In no way did it influence my opinions and views, which are derived from my personal experience.


Restaurant Review: Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery

I am very hesitant to order a sandwich when dining out, so even though Schlotzsky’s Bakery and Cafe has been offerings them on Udi’s Gluten Free buns since 2014, it isn’t a restaurant I frequent. However, learning that Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery concept was opening in Duluth with expanded menu offerings had me intrigued, so I took the family to check it out. The new restaurant is a twist on the original with the addition of alcohol, small plates, pizzas, salads and sandwiches made with ingredients popular in Austin’s food truck scene, like chorizo, shrimp, and pulled pork.

The Duluth location has a drive-thru, a self-ordering kiosk and table service. I let my family order first and closed out the order to hopefully speed up the process, but alas, the staff was very unfamiliar with the gluten-free offerings causing the order taker to leave the register several times to get answers from the kitchen. Answers, as it turns out, that were wrong and made it take longer for me to order. At one point, my order taker became visibly annoyed with how long it was taking, which was partially her own fault, by eyeballing the line behind me – customer service fail!

Pizzas on Udi’s gluten-free crusts are a new addition to the menu too, but I was misinformed that they could only be ordered topped with cheese and pepperoni and not any of the new ingredients. In fact, pizzas can be topped with pulled pork, pineapple, kale slaw, etc., making it a unique gluten-free offering in the Atlanta area.

 C1B2OoeWQAA80hH C1B4I19W8AAnc_H

I ordered a french dip and was assured the au jus (normally contains wheat flour) that accompanies it was gluten free. The sandwich arrived wrapped and uncut and now I know why. According to Schlotzsky’s, this is their procedure for preparing a sandwich on a gluten-free bun, “when a guest orders a sandwich on our gluten free bun, our ambassadors have been instructed to first remove their gloves, wash their hands, and then to put on a new pair of gloves. Next, they open the packaging, and place the bun on top of a foil sheet which we use to send the bun through the oven. After the bun is sent through our oven, the ambassador finishing the sandwich follows the same hand washing/glove changing procedures as outlined above. They lay out two sandwich papers on the finishing station, which the bun is then placed on and the sandwich build completed. We use a separate set of vegetables (lettuce, tomato, and onions), stored covered and away from our other ingredients, when guests order a gluten-sensitive item. We also do not use a finishing knife on these particular buns, and completely wrap the sandwich as we would a to-go order. Similarly, we use to-go style wrapped pickles if the guest is receiving a pickle.”

No matter what precautions that are taken, cross contact is always a possibility in a shared kitchen and my meal left me feeling tired and sluggish.  I don’t know if I will go back, but if I did, I would be sure to familiarize myself with their allergy scorecard before ordering. Also, not all sandwich toppings are kept separate, so ask them to use fresh, covered ingredients when preparing a gluten-free sandwich.

Welcome to January in Atlanta, where it is 70 degrees, sunny and everyone is still running their heat. What an unusual way to start off 2017, but at least there is great news to report in Atlanta’s gluten-free dining and shopping scene. New restaurants are set to open in 2017 including a 100% gluten-free restaurant and bakery in Grant Park called Mediterranea.
Double R Restaurant Group announced today the grand opening of Another Broken Egg Cafe on Monday, January 16th  at 10800 Alpharetta Highway, Suite 501. This location marks their sixth in and around Atlanta. Offering breakfast, brunch, lunch and kids menus, along with a full bar menu from 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. daily, Another Broken Egg Cafe offers an online allergen listing detailing the status of its offerings.
R.O. Hospitality is launching a third concept, Coalition Food and Beverage, summer 2017. Located in Downtown Alpharetta in the Teasley Place development at the corner of Milton Avenue and Canton Street, Coalition Food and Beverage will be the third, chef-driven restaurant by the team that launched Roswell’s Table & Main in 2011 and Osteria Mattone in 2013.  The 3,331-square-foot restaurant will house 150 seats including a bar, outdoor dining and private dining. The lead in the kitchen at Table & Main, Chef Woolery “Woody” Back, a Co-Owner, will also be the driving force in the kitchen at Coalition Food and Beverage, offering a contemporary menu with progressive and signature interpretations of American wood-fired classics. The foodscape will emphasize premium meats, entrée-sized salads and burgers worthy of a second napkin. In addition to a selection of craft beers and cocktails, Beverage Director and Co-Owner Daniel Pernice (also a veteran Owner of Osteria Mattone) will make quality wine accessible by presenting the kind of curated wine list that’s typically reserved for special-occasion restaurants while also exploring one of Daniel’s guiding principles: that great wine doesn’t have to be expensive.

unnamed Executive Chef Jason Paolini takes the lead as the new culinary creative force of the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s restaurant scheduled for its transition in early 2017. Opened last spring in partnership with Chef Linton Hopkins, Linton’s in the Garden will be relaunched as Longleaf in January to reflect its new direction. Hopkins, who in 2014 helped conceive the original plant-to-plate concept for the restaurant in partnership with the Garden, will remain on board in the key role of chef adviser. Longleaf, a two-level contemporary glass structure next to Gardenhouse in the heart of the Garden, offers full-service dining, a grab-and-go cafe, and a flexible space for educational programs, private rentals and special events. Inside, guests enjoy commanding views of the Anne Cox Chambers Southern Seasons Garden and Levy Parterre, while from the rooftop terrace they drink in the beauty of Storza Woods, Alston Overlook and the Atlanta skyline beyond. Regardless of table, all will be treated to a savory menu crafted by Paolini. The restaurant’s new name is inspired by the longleaf pine, the resilient evergreen conifer indigenous to Georgia and the Southeast and a focus of significant conservation efforts. During winter, Longleaf is open Tuesdays – Sundays from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Garden admission is required for non-members of the Garden. Walk-in guests are welcome, though reservations are recommended.

Mediterranea, a gluten-free restaurant and bakery located at 332 Ormond St. SE Ste. 101 in Grant Park, is set to open this month. The bakery and coffee counter will open first, followed by the restaurant in late January. The baked goods and cuisine are Mediterranean influenced with an emphasis on simply prepared foods. The bar program will include wines and craft beers (including a selection of gluten-free beers), as well as cocktails using Mediterranean and Italian liquors.

One Eared Stag will begin serving a specialty pre-fixe offering for lunch daily starting January 17. The lunch offering, aptly named “The Businessman Special,” will be served from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. The menu will include rotating and varying items but will comprise of a soup, salad, entrée and choice of non-alcoholic beverage for the price of $20.  “We are starting to serve this special pre-fixe menu to simplify and expedite the “workday” lunch decision making process,” shared Chef Robert Phalen. “I encourage guests to come in and see what we are offering every day. The meals will always be unique and add a little unpredictability to your day.”

 Table & Main’s Paleo Wednesday fare might be just the ticket for a new and healthful start in 2017. Stop by Table & Main for Paleo Wednesday where the restaurant’s special of the night is paleo and gluten-free friendly.

  • Jan-18 | Roasted Springer Mountain Farm’s airline chicken breast, broccoli and roasted root vegetables
  • Jan-25 | Acorn Squash stuffed with ground lamb and tomatoes

Table & Main is taking orders for a its wings from now until Thursday, February 2. Orders include 50 chicken wings, served your choice of style (BBQ, Mild Hot, or Hot Hot), celery sticks with creamy blue cheese. I have confirmed that all of the wings, except Southern fried, are gluten free. The $50 (not including tax) fee includes 10 chocolate chip cookies that are not gluten-free, so ask for an adjusted price when placing an order (678) 869-5178. Orders must be placed Thursday, February 2 and can be picked up on Sunday, February 5, between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

The Pinewood’s new full service lounge, with expanded private dining capabilities for intimate dinners or large group parties, is open. Chef de Cuisine Andrew “Andy” Jackson, a Georgia native, is the new chef de cuisine and will offer an inventive twist on The Pinewood’s locally sourced menu. Jackson helms from neighboring restaurant Revival, and has extensive experience in the kitchens of Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynolds Plantation. To celebrate five years of service with the Decatur community, The Pinewood is hosting an anniversary celebration on Tuesday, January 17, with $5 burgers and $5 old fashioneds and live music from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

 pinewood_5anniversary02 (2)

Have a safe and tasty weekend.


I didn’t think I would have time to get in a report this week, but time was on my side for once. Here is this week’s update:

Culinary Atlanta,” the new release from food writer Malika Bowling serves a curated buffet of Atlanta restaurants and breweries, including many of those featured in The Dish. Bowling conveniently divides her palatable paperback into 13 chapters covering geographic areas such as Decatur, Sandy Springs/Dunwoody and Buford Highway. Other chapters explore local chains, “Not Starbucks” java joints, iconic landmarks, plus food specialty markets, fests and tours/chefs.

Jenny Levison’s third cookbook, Souper Jenny Goes Vegan, pulls from her experience running a vegan cafe (Juicy Jenny) and her love of plant-based recipes. All of the recipes in this cookbook are both gluten free and vegan (no dairy, no eggs, no meat). Pick up a copy for that hard-to-buy-for person on your gift list. Souper Jenny sells gift certificates and has four locations in and around metro Atlanta.


King of Pops has fully embraced the holiday spirit with its: Eggnog and White Chocolate Peppermint pops. Both of these pops are gluten free, but they contain dairy. Place an order to ensure you have the flavors needed for that festive party. Their pops are even better when dunked in a cocktail – you can thank me later for this boozy tip.

Pop Stars is offering festive holiday pops in: Chocolate Peppermint, Cranberry Bliss, Gingerbread Latte, Pumpkin Spice and can customize flavors for holiday parties. All of the pops are made with all natural ingredients and they are vegan too.

Rize Artisan Pizza + Salads is ready for diners chomping to expediently place mobile and online orders for the restaurant’s fresh and delicious lunch and dinner options. Ordering is a cinch through the website’s Mobi2Go feature. Select items and quantities from the menu, choose the date and time of pick up at the Poncey-Highland eatery and pay online. Customize orders with a few quick taps or clicks and your meal is ready for pick up when specified and as specified. Remember, they offer more than just gluten-free pizza and salads!

unnamedTreehorn Cider continues to expand its presence in Atlanta with its first Target store in Roswell – Super Target store at 1135 Woodstock Road.

Have a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate it, and as always stay safe!


Shake Shack Adds Gluten-Free Buns To Menu Nationwide

The news about Shake Shack adding a gluten-free bun to the menu swept through the industry like wildfire. Eater, Grub Street, The Daily Meal, Fortune and more covered the story, but provided scant information about the bun manufacturer or any details on how it is heated. These details are vital to those of us who follow a strict gluten-free diet and have to do our research up front before heading out to chow down.

After a little digging, I learned that the gluten-free hamburger bun manufacturer is Bellyrite Foods, Inc., a gluten-free foodservice bakery in New York. This name may sound familiar to you because it is the spin off of what was used to be Jennifer’s Way Inc., started by Jennifer Esposito and two investors in 2014. Bellyrite is no longer affiliated with Jennifer Esposito, who started the company as a way to expand distribution, and supplied the recipes, ingredients, client base, etc. Bellyrite is a separate company that seems to have no problems picking up big accounts.

The bun costs an extra buck and is made from: water, gluten-free flour mixture (organic brown rice flour, rice flour) tapioca starch, potato starch, legume (bean) flour, vegetable fibers, whole flax seed meal, millet flour, buckwheat flour, natural flavors. Thickener: modified cellulose, grapeseed oil, evaporated cane juice, yeast, Himalayan crystal salt, rice extract, calcium sulfate and enzymes. SS_Gluten-Free-Buns_1-1880x1254

It seems Shake Shack has done its research because they are not heating the bun in the same toaster with the wheat buns (like another restaurant that rhymes with Thrash Burger). Instead, gluten-free buns are heated on the griddle to ensure they never come into contact with gluten buns. I love that they recognize the need to prevent cross contact, but based on their kitchen set up, I would recommend asking them to change their gloves prior to making your order. I would also stay away from any condiments that are applied with knife. Instead, opt for packets of mustard, mayo, ketchup and apply them yourself. Once a knife comes into contact with a gluten bun and goes back into the container, the whole container is contaminated with gluten.

Unfortunately, the fries are still not prepared safely and there is no news about adding a gluten-free hot dog bun to the menu. Alas, the gluten-free offerings are still limited, but this is definitely a move in the right direction.


This week’s gluten free dining and shopping news is full of tasty knowledge.

DaVinci’s Donuts offers gluten-free cake doughnuts on Saturdays or upon 24-hour advance request. These donuts are fryer in fresh oil at the beginning of the day before any gluten goes into the fryer. The donuts are prepared plane and you get to choose the toppings. Watch out for cross contact in the toppings bar – ask for yours to be made with toppings that aren’t on the main line. According to the company, their cake donuts  are unlike any other with a slightly crunchy exterior and a light tender center.

Fogo de Chao opened its second location in Dunwoody recently. The newly constructed restaurant is easily twice the size of the Buckhead location with a separate bar and two private rooms. The traditional menu is available with the addition of several seafood options. The entire market table is gluten free including the croutons, which are made from the cheesy bread served warm are filled as many times as needed. Most all of the meats are gluten free, with few exceptions, as are the Brazilian side dishes, potatoes and couple of desserts. The hardest part about dining at Fogo is pacing yourself before having to call it quits. Welcome to Dunwoody.


Looks like Gluten Free Cutie is in the Christmas spirit with a holiday menu filled with sweet and savory goodies. I am partial to their cookies and this year they have pulled out all the stops offering: Cookie Decorating Kit $10.50, Gingerbread House Front Decorating Kit $12.50, Decorated Snowflake Sugar Cookies and Ginger Snaps in packages of four. They stop taking special orders December 18th, so make your selections ASAP!

Marlow’s Tavern opened its new restaurant in Brookhaven December 13th.  The 3,558 square foot restaurant opens in a newly constructed second building in Brookleigh Marketplace on Johnson Ferry Road. The restaurant is the chain’s 17th in Georgia and 22nd overall. Thanks for the new Eli at ToneToAtl.

Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery’s holiday menu is available for pre order. I think the Sugar Cookie Dough with four types of frosting and the new Coconut Cake need to make their way to my house!

Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery had its grand opening December 15th in Duluth at Sugarloaf Marketplace (corner of Sugarloaf Parkway & Peachtree Industrial Blvd.). The restaurant, which offers Udi’s Gluten Free buns, will  feature not only a drive-thru but also a self-ordering kiosk. The menu will feature traditional favorites and a selection of new sandwiches and entrees not available at traditional Schlotzsky’s locations.  Wine and beer (not gluten free) are also on the menu for those who opt to dine in. 

15241352_1176300552438429_5953629565226780359_nSister’s Sauce, handmade in Georgia, is a bloody mary mix crafted from an old family recipe using only clean ingredients. Named after a beloved family dog, the sauce sells for $15 a bottle and is now available at Lucy’s Market in Buckhead and other specialty stores in and around Atlanta. This bloody mary mix promised you won’t feel bloated after consuming it and they hope you will stick with the standard celery stick and olives garnish. Simple is better!

Have a safe and tasty weekend!


Restaurant Review: Fogo de Chao’s new Dunwoody location

Fogo de Chao, a staple in the Buckhead dining scene for more than 15 years, has opened a brand new second location in Dunwoody. A welcome addition to Dunwoody’s culinary offerings, it will quickly turn into a regular hang for residents, businesses and tourists offering lunch and dinner daily and brunch on weekends. This location is easily twice the size of the Buckhead restaurant with a separate bar area called Bar Fogo and two private dining rooms. From the wood beams and vaulted ceiling to the gorgeous lighting fixtures casting soft shadows over the dining room- it is a perfect spot for date night.


If you haven’t been to Fogo before, it is a Brazilian steakhouse offering an all-you-can eat dining experience (called churrasco) where waiters clad in gaucho pants slice more than 10 types of fire-roasted meats table side. These meats are cooked slowly with subtle seasoning to allow the natural flavors time to mature and served as soon as they are removed from the fire. An expansive salad bar (called the market table) filled with imported meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables and a soup station occupy the center of the room serving as a perfect option for vegetarians. In addition to meat, Fogo’s menu also features seafood, Brazilian side dishes (polenta and caramelized bananas), garlic mashed potatoes, cheesy bread, desserts, and a full bar.


My husband and I dined at Fogo on a Sunday night as the result of a media invitation. I love dining at Fogo because their Brazilian cooking style lends itself to the gluten-free diet and their service is exemplary. We couldn’t have felt more welcome and at home by the wait staff if they tried. They are constantly buzzing about offering clean plates, refills on sides, filling beverages and asking how they can make the dining experience better – and they really mean it. The entire market table is gluten free including the croutons, which are made from the cheesy bread served warm and refilled as many times as needed. There is a little something for everyone on the market table, but be careful not to get too full before the meats start coming around. Most all of the meats are gluten free, with few exceptions, as are the Brazilian side dishes, potatoes and couple of desserts. The hardest part about dining at Fogo is pacing yourself before having to call it quits.

Tell the rotating staff of servers how you like your meat cooked and that is all they will bring for the rest of the night. The staff works like a family, so anyone on the floor is more than happy to fulfill requests and answer questions. My favorite cut of the night was the filet cooked a glorious shade of medium rare. It was tender enough to cut with a fork and it practically melted in my mouth. It was a school night, so we opted to try a popular soda in Brazil made with cane sugar called Guarana, which is a fruit found in South America. It tastes like a light and refreshing fruity ginger ale. We also tried the housemade Limonada (limeade) made from a strange list of ingredients that include condensed milk. These ingredients manage to blend perfectly creating a slightly tart drink that would taste even better mixed with rum.  CzhPGYbWEAAJAka


We foolishly saved room for dessert and tried the flan. This flan is prepared in a South American style that renders it creamier, smoother and a nice change of pace for gluten-free dessert offerings. My husband, who dislikes flan, loved this dessert and actually ate more of it than I did. We left thoroughly stuffed and planning our next trip back.

If you haven’t been to Fogo de Chao before, make the time to stop by their gorgeous new restaurant in Dunwoody – remember to wear stretchy pants!CzhPHQGW8AEwf1P

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review, but the meal was provided at no cost. In no way did this influence my opinions and views, which are derived from my personal experience at the restaurant.


Restaurant Review: Rize Artisan Pizza and Salads

Being a member of the Atlanta Food Bloggers Society definitely has its perks, like being invited to Rize Artisan Pizza And Salads (Rize) to sample their menu. The newly opened pizza and salad restaurant in Poncey-Highlands is serving up anything but typical Italian fare. And they have gluten-free crust prepared taking cross contact concerns into account.

The restaurant is a study of what happens when fine dining and a casual environment collide and the results can be felt the minute you walk in. A team members meets and greets you to explain the menu and the ordering process and takes your order. Each customer is given an RFID device equipped with bluetooth technology. One this device hits the table of your choosing, the kitchen knows it is time to start cooking your order and knows exactly where to deliver it.

Everything is made fresh, except for the lavash crackers (not gluten free) and the gelato that are purchased pre-made. There is no freezer or fryer onsite relying on technique to bring flavor and texture to it cuisine. It doesn’t take an immense amount of time for food to arrive at the table. Orders are crafted to be delivered in under five minutes and taste like it took 20-25 minutes to prepare.

Rize’s bold, middle-eastern inspired flavors are courtesy of Eddie Russell, director of Culinary Operations, and can be found in every aspect of the menu from the spice road chicken salad to the herb-rubbed charbroiled chicken wings. They run a zero waste kitchen using scraps to make broth creating a real farm-to-table environment where all of the dishes are layered with unique flavor combinations.

The plates just kept coming to the table and we had: Old World Hummus, Charred Cauliflower, Charbroiled Chicken Wings, Stuffed Peppadew Pepper, Bianca pizza on gluten-free crust, Spice Road Chicken Salad, Pear and Walnut Salad and ended with some of the best gelato I have had since visiting Italy this summer. Their white sangria is a real find and manages to be citrusy without being overly sweet.

The hummus was served with spiced walnuts, watermelon radish, tri color carrot, peppadew peppers, olive oil, and lavash. This is seriously some of the best hummus I have ever had. Flavorful and velvety, it is topped with peppadew peppers and olive oil that you should eat with a spoon and forgo the crackers. After everyone had some of the charred cauliflower, I ate every bit of what remained on the table. The maple sesame dressing, spiced walnuts, and pomegranate seeds added a delightful punch of flavor and crunchy texture to the dish. The charbroiled chicken wings are made with Springer Mountain Farms chicken and ginger-honey sauce that isn’t too sweet, but perfectly flavorful. The stuffed peppadew pepper are filled with creamy goat cheese and have a nice slow burn. I could seriously eat just the wings and the charred cauliflower with a spice road chicken salad and be completely satisfied.


Now lets talk gluten-free pizza. They use Wild Flour Bakery as their gluten-free crust supplier, which is a wholesale bakery out of Colorado. To my knowledge, there aren’t any other restaurants in Georgia serving this crusts and it is pretty fabulous. This is real dough, not a par-baked shell, that is cold proofed for 48 hours allowing it to rise prior to baking it on a dedicated heat resistant peel. This crust actually rises and has air pockets making it sturdy, but not cracker like, with a bite that is soft and light on the inside.


Make sure to save room for dessert, gelato choices are in a display case close to the door and taste even better than they look. Not all selections are gluten-free, so ask before sampling. Having been to Italy this year, I can attest that this gelato is just about as authentic as it comes. Silky, loaded with ingredients and with the right creamy texture, it is just wonderful. I opted for the pistachio, which is a common flavor in Italy, and asked them to add Nutella (most popular flavor in Italy) to the offerings.


Thank you to Rize for a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for your second location to open in Sandy Springs next year.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review, but the meal was provided at no cost. In no way did this influence my opinions and views, which are derived from my personal experience at the restaurant.

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I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving break and are busy planning for Christmas. Lets dive right into this week’s gluten-free shopping and dining report.

It is time to start planning your holiday meals and 2B Whole Gluten-Free European Cafe has a number of tasty gluten-free offerings perfect for any gathering. Choose from: festively decorated sugar cookies, cakes, pies (pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan, and apple), cornbread, bread crumb stuffing, dinner rolls and more. The last day to pre-order is December 17th, so it’s time to put on your thinking cap.

American Gra-Frutti’s gluten-free graham crackers and cheese straws can be found at Piece of Cake locations in and around Atlanta.

Cafe Intermezzo is open at Avalon in Alpharetta serving a variety of coffee concoctions and a gluten-free sweet or two. This European coffee house is a great place to meet for a drink and catch up with friends, or to enjoy dessert, like the Nutella hot chocolate with a shot of butterscotch schnapps.


Create Your Cupcake’s holiday flavors encourage you to take a bite out of this festive season. Choose from: gingerbread, apple cake, red velvet, green velvet, and fill them with eggnog, cinnamon and apple pie, pink peppermint, or fruit cake frosting. Order online and have them delivered to a school party, work get together, or direct to your house and let the merriment begin.

Dantanna’s has given its third location a makeover including a: new look, name and menu. Formerly Dantanna’s Tavern, this bar and restaurant opened in Sandy Springs in 2014 with a tavern-inspired menu and rustic feel; however, after listening to its fans, it is now known as Dantanna’s Sandy Springs and offers lunch, the original Buckhead dinner menu and a late night menu. Gluten-free diners will note that gluten-free options have a GF in a circle next to them and they fill the menu.

Need a healthy mid-week pick me up? Stop by Table & Main for Paleo Wednesday where the restaurant’s special of the night is paleo friendly. Here are this month’s menu choices:

  • Dec-14 | Baby Back Ribs, smoked baby back ribs, chipotle sweet potato, orange scented bitter greens
  • Dec-21 | Meatloaf, bacon & bison meatloaf, tomato sauce, mashed parsnips & honey roasted carrots
  • Dec-28 | Beef Chili, grass-fed beef, ancho chili spice, coffee & dark chocolate with sweet potato fries

Treehorn Cider is now available at Venkman’s in Old Fourth Ward, Farmhaus Burger in Augusta, Foxy Loxy Cafe in Savannah, and Poor Hendrix in East Lake. Love to see more restaurants adding naturally gluten-free cider to its offerings.


Have a safe and tasty weekend!


Is it really possible that Thanksgiving is Thursday? Where did the time go?? So not ready to start baking, but there is no time to waste if I want the stuffing and sweet potato casserole to be made with gluten-free ingredients. There won’t be a report next week because ‘Thanksgiving’, so enjoy the shopping and dining news that follows.

Enjoy live acoustic music from Lilac Wine every Wednesday and Friday at Atlas, located at the St. Regis Atlanta, from 6 to 10 p.m. on the patio with a fire place and a fire pit.  When the temperature drops, Lilac Wine, comprised of Alexandrea Lushington on lead vocals, Grant Reynolds on guitar and Robert Henson on bass, will move inside to the lounge. With a focus on curating fresh ingredients from local farms, the chef-driven, dinner-only restaurant applies its European influences to American cuisine.


Luce’s Gluten Free Artisan Bread

Christophe’s To Go’s paleo Thankskgivng dinner looks pretty incredible and costs $30 per person. Place a preorder by Wednesday, November 23rd at 6:00 a.m. and they will deliver it straight to your door on Thanksgiving. The meal includes: butternut squash soup, turkey breast with herbed bourbon gravy, Fuji apple stuffing, asparagus and mushroom casserole with roasted shallots, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry with orange, and chocolate panna cotta. What a feast! If you don’t want to order a whole meal, the sides can be ordered a la carte.

Beginning this week, Luce’s Gluten Free Artisan Bread will begin shipping their freshly baked breads to any U.S. address. These breads are crusty, hearty and unlike anything you have tried before. Fruity loaves and buckwheat sourdough hemis are available for order with a crusty outside and soft middle. These breads are gorgeous, allergen friendly and will impress family and friends at upcoming holiday gatherings.  

The Aquafina Rink at Park Tavern in Piedmont Park is opening for the 2016-2017 on Thanksgiving Day. The Rink, situated under a heated tent, will be open Monday through Friday from 4:30 p.m. to midnight and Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to midnight.  The rink is only open to ages 16 and up from 8 p.m. to midnight nightly and is also available for private skating lessons and parties.

The Cook’s Warehouse is opening a store and cooking school in Chamblee by April 2017. The new location will be in Peachtree Station, previously known as Peachtree Crossing, a development at 5001 Peachtree Blvd.  The retail center, near the intersection of Peachtree and Johnson Ferry Road, will be anchored by a 45,000 square Whole Foods Market, and will also include over a dozen other tenants.   This store replaced the one that closed in Brookhaven Station in 2015. The larger store will include a teaching kitchen for hosting cooking classes, as well as an outdoor patio for grilling classes and special events. The larger space will allow for bigger classes and a greater variety of products.

Now open, The Federal, a new concept from Shaun Doty, is located at 1050 Crescent Avenue in Midtown. The menu is a map of foodie favorites from Doty’s travels throughout his career. Look for a traditional menu — steak frites alluding to years in Belgium and chopped liver reminiscent of unnamed (1)Katz’s Delicatessen, a favorite NYC haunt. They are open only for dinner now, but will extend their hours for breakfast and lunch in the coming months. Lance Gummere is partnering with Doty in the new venture just as he has at Mumbo Jumbo, Bantam + Biddy, and Chick-a-Biddy.

The Pinewood in Decatur is expanding from its rather cramped location next door into the space previously occupied by Decatur Bikes. The new concept will introduce a brand new façade, full service lounge area, various private dining options, extended weekend hours and refreshed menus.  The team is partnering with Atlanta’s Square Feet Studios to design the 1,700 square foot addition, the same group that conceptualized their sister restaurant, The Mercury at Ponce City Market. The growth allows The Pinewood’s award-winning cocktail program to expand, while maintaining the premium quality and integrity of its house made ingredients. The gastro-pub’s menu will continue to feature approachable and inventive dishes inspired by old-school comfort foods. Once complete, the expanded cocktail-focused restaurant will extend its weekend hours and offer an enticing late-night menu to guests. Private dining options will range from customizable, intimate dinner gatherings to full buyouts and cocktail parties. More information will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Pinewood Exterior Rendering

Trader Joe’s has gotten in a number of gluten-free holiday items, like peppermint Joe-Joe’s (oreo-like cookie with cream peppermint filling, cranberry covered goat cheese, fig and honey covered goat cheese, stuffing mix, turkey gravy (in a box), and pumpkin pancake mix. A new item to look for in the freezer is the 2-pack of pizza crusts that are vegan as well as gluten free.

Have a safe and tasty weekend.