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The Power of Probiotics

Bugs have never been my friend. My whole childhood, they bit me and made my life miserable. But as an adult with celiac disease, bugs have taken on a whole new meaning. I have learned to love and feed the ‘good bugs’ in my digestive track to ensure my digestion stays on track, so my immune system can function at 100%.

Probiotics are live bacteria that can help establish a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut. They are commonly taken as a supplement or consumed in cold beverages like kefir and yogurt to remain effective.

With the creation of a shelf stable probiotic strain that remains viable through manufacturing processes like baking, freezing, boiling, and squeezing, manufacturers are free to add them to products that previously couldn’t contain probiotics. Consumers can now eat or drink their daily probiotics from a growing variety of products instead of having to take them strictly as supplements.

Organic India uses a probiotic that remains viable through the brewing process in its Wellness Tea Immunity that is designed to support a healthy immune system.

Check out more facts about these bugs that promote good health in this infographic.




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