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Give your diet a collagen boost!

By now, we all know that ensuring our daily diet is full of key nutrients is important, right? But our active lifestyles aren’t always conducive with eating those foods that keep the gut and brain in balance. Boosting your diet with collagen is great way to add vital nutrients to your diet.

Collagen is a supplement, but it reacts differently than traditional supplements because it can stimulating cell growth and rebuild tissue. Adding collagen to your diet also aids joint and bone health and enhances skin health to help you maintain that youthful glow. And you can’t even taste it!

NeoCell, the number one collagen brand in the world, worked with the Delicious Living Magazine to create the Collagen-Boost cookbook full of recipes for raw, low-FODMAP, paleo, and allergen-friendly diets. In this cookbook, you’ll learn all about buying collagen and how to add it to your favorite foods.

Download your free copy today!


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